About Us


Jordan and Mandy Goddard are a husband/wife game design duo living in Carmel, IN. What started as a love for playing games together led to a passion for game design.


They self-published their first game, Collapse, in 2014. Collapse is a deck-building card game that challenges players to prepare for a post-apocalyptic world by competing for food, weapons, and other supplies while building reinforcements for their home. The winner is the player who will survive the longest after a world-ending collapse.


The couple’s next big release is Lotus, published by Renegade Game Studios (in stores September 2016). Lotus introduces a unique card-melding mechanic to grow beautiful flowers using individual petal cards. Players pick completed flowers for victory points, but may also use their team of insect “Guardians” to take control of flowers to earn a choice of victory points or special powers. Lotus is a lightweight strategy game, great for families of all ages.

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